Wednesday, 4 September 2013


If anyone can leave a strong mark, it’s Marks and Spencer’s.

London Fashion week may just be around the corner, but many companies; particularly Marks and Spencer’s gave their otherwise old traditions a modern twist by hosting their very own fashion show, held in the fashion capital on 22nd June 2013.

Although the event “Fashion Camp” has been running for quite a while now; mainly tailored to their employees for training purposes, this year when we attended, we couldn’t help but get a sense of a new and improved retailer - no more was it deemed as a store designed for the older woman but the city woman!

Sitting impatiently on the chair, we felt a surge of excitement fill and quite literally light up the dark urban room and the runway beamed like a beacon before giving a warm feeling. Ellie Goulding – anything could happen played in full blast and right at that instant “I know it’s gonna be” a good day.

Marks and Spencer’s Chief Director, Marc Bolland and speaker came out in full swing; cracking jokes that his personality could only be best described as one suited for stand-up at the Apollo – there were no boo’s but  “Ooh, Ooh, Ooh” and Aahs as people were mesmerised by his charm. He carried on with his pedantic display; animated wide eyes were so focused that it forced others to gaze in suspense as they realised “anything can happen”.

The bare beams and cascading poles revealed impeccable spot lights that shone brighter than the sun, forcing everyone to stare blindly at it, until it got muted by the curtains gently tumbling down; blocking any day-light from the otherwise full length window and gave a cool/coy demeanour. Looking at the stage, up beat music began to play once more before immaculate models sashayed upon the runway one by one as they wore the latest and hottest brands in utter perfection.

The collection depicted the style of Marc Jacob but had the edge of Vivienne Westwood; clean, sharp  with grit – there was the right amount of attitude and subtlety – it was clever, chic and the chances  if someone didn’t find the garment desirable (although unlikely), they would surely find an element of adorability. Whether it was the tartan mini dress (limited), buckle ankle boots (Limited), leather biker jacket (Indigo) or the plum tweed jacket (Classic) in the style of Chanel – M&S have expanded their audience but has also not alienated their current customers.

In the past Marks and Spencer’s have been categorised as a company that has lost touch with their customers. Heading in Southampton town centre, we decided to test this theory by asking customers for their view and Melanie Stokes, Company Director aged 34 said: “Marks and Spencer’s needs to be more modern and that’s why I wouldn’t shop there”.  The responses were astonishing; 77% of the public agreed with Melanie and the other percentage, were the loyal customers, who loved the ideology of a company that stuck with their traditions.

This years Autumn/Winter campaign focuses on the 30+ customers; it’s a quick diversion from “ For Every Woman You Are” 2012 campaign. Yes this year they are a lot clearer about their ideal customer. Newly appointed Style Director Belinda Earl and former CEO for Jaeger said: “It’s important that we get it right”.  We think they are certainly heading the right direction; this is made even clearer from the increase in sales and the continuity of good press from major Newspapers.

Marks and Spencer’s put a lot of effort in ensuring that our fashion Camp experience was nothing other than positive and we can simply say – Marks and Spencer’s have always made a mark  - this time it’s nothing other than fantastic we’re a fan – tick! 

Monday, 10 June 2013


Whether you are going on holiday or not, it’s time to invest in some good swimwear. But before making any hasty purchases – just like the garment, I will act as your support (showing you the latest trends) to ensure that there are no leaps/bounds, but just a wonderful shopping experience -  plain sailing.



“Grab you coat you have pulled", yes Burberry have done it again; giving a new twist/intake to the swimwear. If you want to get the similar look, but with the practical feel - opt for a simple nude or gold swimsuit, add a sheer kaftan and give it shape by nipping in the waist with a belt. By following these simple tricks, you can go from beach to chic.

Mara Hoffman                                            Norma Kamali 

If you love the sixties; Marilyn Monroe or Madonna's look, why not go for midriff shorts and a bustier to show your support. This trend is perfect for the curvy, petite ladies and the high waist will create an illusion of longer, defined legs.
                        Marc by Marc Jacob                             Marc by Marc Jacob

Whether you get seasick or not, you will never get sick of ocean blue – this year’s coolest trend. Why not take a leap of faith and go with the flow for a summer glow!

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Short story

The rain landed hard upon the thatched roof, before seeping and dripping upon my bewildered face. It left sound upon sound, becoming music; sounding if anything, a lot like the beat of the African drums.
                I stood with my heavy head slummed against the partially open door and I could do nothing but look outside in daze. The once clear sky was now grey like ash, making me question whether it was actually day at all. It was hard to believe that the rain that tore through the sky like titans; forcing the leaves to hang limp like overcooked vegetables, was in fact the same one that left the gentleness of ripples upon the mucky puddle ground.
               “Why are you standing by the door?” a voice from behind barked at me, making me stand stiffer than a plank of dirty wood.
               The sound of heavy torrential down pour became softer and softer, before dwindling entirely and was instantly replaced with my heavy heart beat. Turning around slowly, moving the same way as a person suffering from a severe neck injuring, I wanted to put a face to this abrupt voice. The figure  was nothing other than a mere blur through the heavy raindrops and I could only stare like a blind fool, as I questioned and wondered who could it possibly be.

“Please can I stay round Achiros?” I repeated myself so many times that I began to sound like a broken record. After much nagging, it had finally paid off, as my mother has finally agreed. Now here I was standing in Achiros house. All the days it could have rained,  it had decided to do so now. Yes now! I had secretly planned this day perfectly in my head and it was always the same. The sun would beam upon my brown skin, waves of laughter would fill the fresh air, I would deliberately allow my soft afro to sway, in-sync with the African grass. Bending down, slowly grasping the warm rock in my bare palms, I would throw it with all my might, before attempting to play a game of catch with a hand full of friends. But instead my lovely day-dream was exasperated. There was no sun to be seen, the bitter chill ran through me, making my brown complexion to look grey like death, everyone was locked up in their hut and my wet afro swayed recklessly before slapping across my face. And the only rock was from the rock-like rain that seemed to assault my bare skin; forcing my hands to quiver. But in spite of all this, I honestly had to chuckle at my lack of luck.

 “Why are you standing by the door?” the figure asked me repeatedly, forcing me to snap out of my daydream and I blinked so hard that I could have sworn I burst a vessel and just like that, the rain-drops that rested upon my lashes fell and trickled down my cheeks the same way a tear does. There as clear as day I saw the figure now standing directly in front of me; it was Achiro.
“I was just thinking” and she looked at me confused as one being constantly slapped by cold rain.
“Anyways, come inside; you are soaked from the rain” she replied and I realised that I was in fact the confused one.

Monday, 22 April 2013

P.S. I Luv Uber

It wasn’t so long ago I wrote to Uberluv, asking to feature as a Stylist/Personal Shopper and shortly after receiving that much wanted response, I couldn’t help but jot down those two day’s in my diary.

May 20th - 21st that all-important time had finally come. Walking through Southampton Town Centre, entering the Marland, before stepping upon some shiny escalators – I arrive at RE:SO (a shop run by Southampton Solent students) and turning towards the second room, I was finally there; Uberluv host their first pop-up store – I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven.
When you first walk in, you can’t help but dance to the heavy beats being played by the DJ.  Although the sounds are far from good, their clothing literally takes your breath away; dying down the volume and creating nothing other than background music.

Their new collection called ‘Hustler’ literally makes me want to sing part of ‘Pass the Courvoisier’ lyrics by Buster Rhymes: “I’m a hustler baby”, this line really brings freshness to a whole new level; black/white t-shirts, with vivid images, will make anyone stand out of the crowd and can be snapped up for a mere  £20 . The d├ęcor of the store pulls the entire look/feel; grey slate coloured walls with bare wooden floorboards, high white crown ceiling mouldings gives a ray of excellence but teamed with suspending t-shirts/snapbacks, incarcerated in a square cage creates the drama needed. You really get the feeling of two paths entwining into one; London Brick Lane, meets Southampton - Uber-chic.  

As I Scan through the area even more so, before drawing my attention to ‘Candy crush’ a white base t-shirt with hues of hot pinks, bubble gum blues, muffins, ice cream cones, flowers and guns gives an ideology of the world’s most loved/hated objects - the customers however, seem to love this t-shirt; proving to be the object of everyone’s affection, myself included.

It wasn’t all about sales though that day; there was live music, art, gift bags and a charity box for British Heart foundation. This company has a huge heart and likes to give something back; similar to their stay fresh hood with silk rose lining, they are keeping it fresh and real!

Whether you were lucky enough to visit the event or not, you can have the same experience by visiting or following their twitter @uberluvP.S. I Love Uber, because memories are best shared!



Quirky snapbacks arrangements, gives a  hipster feel

Hustler t-shirt on the far right and candy displayed gives it a naughty but sweet look

It was a busy day, but Uberluv and I are still smiling


Saturday, 6 April 2013


There is no question about it - Sarah Burton is an exceptional designer, who's not only recognised for the exquisite craftsmanship, but also for Kate Middleton's Wedding dress. And her latest collection "Queen Bee” has made her a well-deserved Royalty in the fashion world.

We first see the models power walk onto the runway; they are strong and the garments equally as tough. Wearing honeycomb embellishments, oval lamp-shade looking hats, stiff mesh skirts and boots, giving an entity of a cutting edge look. Throughout the show, there is a hard, yet soft balance - a brilliant combination of sweet and sticky - honey; I'm in Love with this sticky sensation.

So whether you have been stung by a Bee or not, this Spring/Summer "Queen Bee" collection will ensure you experience a sting like no other - Ouch hot....

                     Alexander McQueen 2013 show


                             Alexander McQueen backstage

Alexander McQueen 2013 Campaign

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Friday, 5 April 2013


It has often been said that “black is timeless”, but with time literally changed (on Easter); making us time-less by an hour - this Spring/Summer, remember spring-forward for this year’s new fashion-forward trend - it's as plain as black and white.

The late Michael Jackson may have said: “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white”, but fashion designers have focused on the theme; making black and white the greatest hit on the runway.  Whether it’s Vertical/horizontal, dogtooth, plain or checked - it fits all shapes and sizes.









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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Looking “ruff” has never looked so good

This Spring/Summer runway has given a hair-raising show; adding a spin and twist with ravishing ruffles – any chance for a dance!

Whether you are left footed or not, take the right step and invest in a bit of ruffle….

Look ultra-cool, in this ice blue one sleeved Givenchy dress - put your hands together.

                                       Tomboy with a twist of feminine; a perfect blend.

GUCCI S/S 2013  
                                      Gucci goes pretty-funky in the fuchsia pink dress.

GUCCI S/S 2013
                        But also opt for a  touch of innocence, with this clean pure white dress.

  Fresh and minty never looked so cool with this effortless look - Mulberry has taken my breath away.

CHLOE S/S 2013
                              This peachy one shoulder dress by Chloe has perked me right up.

                             Raulph lauren kept it simple and dropped the waist for a bit of ruffle.

   And Francesco Scognamiglio dropped it even further; sweeping the floor with this sheer gown.

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