Monday, 22 April 2013

P.S. I Luv Uber

It wasn’t so long ago I wrote to Uberluv, asking to feature as a Stylist/Personal Shopper and shortly after receiving that much wanted response, I couldn’t help but jot down those two day’s in my diary.

May 20th - 21st that all-important time had finally come. Walking through Southampton Town Centre, entering the Marland, before stepping upon some shiny escalators – I arrive at RE:SO (a shop run by Southampton Solent students) and turning towards the second room, I was finally there; Uberluv host their first pop-up store – I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven.
When you first walk in, you can’t help but dance to the heavy beats being played by the DJ.  Although the sounds are far from good, their clothing literally takes your breath away; dying down the volume and creating nothing other than background music.

Their new collection called ‘Hustler’ literally makes me want to sing part of ‘Pass the Courvoisier’ lyrics by Buster Rhymes: “I’m a hustler baby”, this line really brings freshness to a whole new level; black/white t-shirts, with vivid images, will make anyone stand out of the crowd and can be snapped up for a mere  £20 . The décor of the store pulls the entire look/feel; grey slate coloured walls with bare wooden floorboards, high white crown ceiling mouldings gives a ray of excellence but teamed with suspending t-shirts/snapbacks, incarcerated in a square cage creates the drama needed. You really get the feeling of two paths entwining into one; London Brick Lane, meets Southampton - Uber-chic.  

As I Scan through the area even more so, before drawing my attention to ‘Candy crush’ a white base t-shirt with hues of hot pinks, bubble gum blues, muffins, ice cream cones, flowers and guns gives an ideology of the world’s most loved/hated objects - the customers however, seem to love this t-shirt; proving to be the object of everyone’s affection, myself included.

It wasn’t all about sales though that day; there was live music, art, gift bags and a charity box for British Heart foundation. This company has a huge heart and likes to give something back; similar to their stay fresh hood with silk rose lining, they are keeping it fresh and real!

Whether you were lucky enough to visit the event or not, you can have the same experience by visiting or following their twitter @uberluvP.S. I Love Uber, because memories are best shared!



Quirky snapbacks arrangements, gives a  hipster feel

Hustler t-shirt on the far right and candy displayed gives it a naughty but sweet look

It was a busy day, but Uberluv and I are still smiling


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